Violation of California traffic law can cause a suspended driver’s license. Lack of car insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving can result in a drivers license suspension. An arrest warrant can be issued in your name for failure to pay traffic tickets or failure to appear for a scheduled court hearing. Refusal of a blood alcohol test after a law enforcement officer suspects you of DWI or committing a DUI will result in a suspended license.

Under license suspension, a notice is mailed to the DMV in which you will be notified. You will receive a 30 day temporary drivers license. You will then have an estimate of 10 business days by law to request what is known as a DMV hearing for the chance to redeem your driving privileges. Without requesting a hearing within the required time limit, the license suspension will begin after the termination of your 30 day temporary license. Your ability to drive will be forfeited unless you contest to restore your driving privileges.

Without representation of a licensed attorney, you could lose the DMV hearing and your license will continue to be suspended. Know the risks before you make the decision to drive with a suspension.

  • you will immediately be arrested
  • recommended to pay bail (which can cost more then the ticket)
  • be forced to pay excessive fees

When your driver’s license is under suspension, My Ticket Rescue will inspect the facts of the violation that lead to your suspension. Residents of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Riverside need a professional legal team that will defend their legal rights. Depending on the assistance from trusted legal attorneys who are highly educated with the law will help increase the chances of restoring your driving privileges.

A database known as the National Driver Registration (NDR) provides information on drivers with suspended or revoked licenses and convictions of serious traffic violations.

Reasons Of License Suspension:

1. A violation of traffic law can result in a suspended drivers license.
2. Absence of automobile insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving defense can result in a suspension.
3. If you refuse to provide a blood alcohol test after a law enforcement officer suspects you of committing a DUI will result in your license suspension.
4. If you’re involved in vandalism, drug offenses, and failure to pay child support can all end up in a suspended license.

Consequences Of Suspended License:

1. When a suspended driver’s license is imminent, individuals may be in for a messy legal situation that could take months or even years to resolve.
2. Licenses can be suspended for a multitude of reasons, and it is important to take control of the situation immediately.

With some basic information on the traffic laws and an experienced attorney from My Ticket Rescue, drivers will have the best chance at retaining their ability to drive.

If Caught Driving Under Suspended License:

So, there are two things that every driver should remember if they are under threat of having their driver’s license suspended.

1. The first is that driving on a suspended license in California, Ventura County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern County is never worth the risk. If one is caught doing this, the likely result will be a trip to jail and an impounded vehicle.
2. The second thing to remember is that always contact the team of specialists and experienced traffic ticket attorneys at My Ticket Rescue immediately and stay behind the wheel.