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How To Beat A DUI Charge

DUIA DUI arrest or suspicion is an embarrassment both publicly and personally. The state has passed legislation that is designed to work against you and convict you of all applicable charges. You have the choice to admit guilt or put up a solid defense. Our DUI lawyer has years of experience fighting DUI and related charges.




A patrol officer that suspects you of driving under the influence has the authority to initiate a traffic stop. Every piece of information that is obtained from that moment on will be collected and reviewed for a violation of the law. Drunk driving attorneys know the evidence that can be obtained unlawfully against you and will closely examine the facts of your DUI arrest and charge.


Knowing how to fight DUI charges is the first line of defense when you are arrested or suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The best way to beat DUI offense allegations is by working with a lawyer that knows the traffic laws and can make a defense against any evidence that is gathered and used against you in court. If you fail a breath analyzer test, it may be the result of a number of factors including device malfunction. Our attorney will investigate every witness and police report to uncover inaccuracies.


Pleading guilty is not how to beat a DUI charge. Your arrest is based on suspicion and evidence that has not been validated by a judge. Consulting with our attorney in advance of your court date will provide you with the knowledge of the severity of your pending charge and what legal work will be completed prior to your court appearance to contest DUI charges against you.


Our attorney knows the law and how the structure of the legal system functions. Knowing what questions to ask in court about the details of your arrest is important for comparison to current California DUI laws. A conviction for driving under the influence can be damaging to you and your driving record. Our attorney has the experience and reputation to convince the court to dismiss your DUI charge.


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