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...Free Consultation Information

From our free consultation, you will walk away with a detailed description of your traffic ticket charge and a list of unique solutions to fight your traffic ticket.


This Includes:

  • Determine if the ticket is worth fighting for.
  • Demerit points that accompany the ticket if convicted of the charge.
  • How your insurance may be affected if you are convicted of the charge.
  • Our all inclusive flat rate fee for fighting your traffic ticket.
  • Our high success rates for traffic tickets just like yours.
  • Anything else that may be specific to your California traffic ticket case that could increase your chances of eliminating the ticket off of your record.


We pride ourselves in honesty and integrity and will never make false promises. Day after day our customers’ satisfaction proves our success!


...You Received A Traffic Ticket

First and foremost, submit a copy of your citation or your driving record BEFORE the "Notice to Appear" date by - Fax 866-408-0403 or by Email This date is your 'due date' to request any sort of action to the courts whether it's requesting traffic school, paying the fine, or contesting the ticket.


One question that we always start off asking our clients is if they are eligible for traffic school. In some circumstances if the client is eligible for traffic school and depending on the ticket it's sometimes the better choice. If traffic school wasn't an option we make sure fighting your ticket is the best solution. If so, we will handle your case from start to finish.


...Your License Has Been Suspended

In order for us to know exactly why your license has been suspended, we request a copy of your driving history. To obtain a copy of your drivers report contact your local DMV or click here and fill out the application online.

The process to handling a license suspension varies due to the fact that there are a number of reasons why you could obtain a suspended license. 

Failing to appear in court, excessive amount of points, failing to pay previous citations, no proof of insurance, just to name a few.

This is why submitting your DMV driving record will help us determine if we can purchase an abstract to get your license back or if it's a mandatory 30 day license suspension.


...You Missed Your Court Date

First things first, we purchase an abstract, which will lift the hold on your license. When you sign the back of your ticket, you are promising to appear in court and if you fail to do so a warrant will be issued in your name. If you don't remember your court date it is important you request a copy of your driving report from the DMV. Points on your record due to an FTA will stay on your record for 5 years, so it is crucial to get these tickets dismissed. 






As a Professional Certified State
Bar Law Firm
we specialize in
helping California drivers in all of
Northern and Southern California. 







Highly recommended. Ray and his team, very professionally, helped represent me in a very good way, he definitely took such strong control and took great care of the situation. 

The case was DISMISSED very quickly without any problems along the way. I would absolutely recommend anyone to call without a doubt. 

Great work!


Hassan C. Dearborn, MI



I am a resident of Nevada and received a traffic citation in California. Modesto Traffic Court informed me that I could not take traffic school to expunge my ticket because I was not a California resident. I also could not take traffic school in Nevada because it was a California citation and California did not recognize Nevada traffic schools. At the time, my only recourse was to pay for and accept the ticket and also bare the burden of an increased premium in my auto insurance. On advice of a Nevada attorney, I contacted for advice and assistance. 

The contact was made, information processed and after a few months, My Ticket Rescue got the citation dismissed. I was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism and completely satisfied with their assistance and final outcome.. DISMISSED! 


Stan Progar Henderson, Nevada



These guys are the BEST' !!! Thank you Ray for getting my license back! These guys were very helpful and fast getting my license reinstated! I had gotten 2 tickets back to back driving from California to Las Vegas - both speeding. The court my tickets were from got shut down so it was a nightmare trying to handle the tickets. Once I called Ray he was very confident in getting my license back without me having to pay any fees & he did Exactly that! They kept in touch with me updating me through the whole process which was great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!! Thank you My Ticket Rescue! :) 


Ayda M. Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA



Highly, Highly recommended. Ray was a pleasure to work with as was Jansi the attorney who represented me. They were completely on top of the situation and expertly transformed a stressful situation into a 'non' situation in record time. 

My case was complicated and multitiered and completely ridiculous... and they didn't bat an eye. Got it all cleared up. done and done..

Don't hesitate... just call 'em. Very reasonable rates... and excellent service..


Rosie S. Los Angeles, CA



I highly recommend using My Ticket Rescue for any traffic issues. Ray and his team have saved me numerous times! They have also saved me A LOT of money. They always pick up and figure out what's going on and how they can help. I repeat...they have saved me A LOT of money and so much time. I never write reviews so this shows what a fan I am. I have always felt at the mercy of this upside down system but they don't give up and have saved me points on my record, which means insurance dollars, and money in fines. Not to mention they can do everything via phone if necessary. They are very professional and send you copies of records and receipts of everything. It's so good to know they have my back! 


Caroline D. Malibu, CA



Could not be happier with the outcome of my 4 traffic tickets they were able to get dismissed!!! My dumb ass was driving around for three years on a suspended license, speeding tickets gone to warrants, and 5 days after I originally sat down for a consultation, I was legally driving again! Highly recommend these guys!! 


Christian D. North Hollywood, CA



Wanted to take a brief minute to Thank Ray and the rest of his Crew at the Ticket Rescue, I very hardly ever write reviews so for me to do so now is a clear indication of my joy and COMPLETE satisfaction. This Biz has saved me THOUSANDS in getting not just one but several tickets excused. As we all know the corrupt system is set up to make you not want to fight a ticket and in the process causing both higher insurance fees as well as additional Revenue for the state, well worry no more Ticket Rescue STOPS all the unjust tickets and puts a team of very knowledgeable staff and Lawyers on your side. These Guys fought tooth and nail to get my unjustified tickets removed in a expedited it all in a timely manner, I wonder how I didn't know about this business sooner honestly. I would Definitely recommend this business to any one who has been issued a ticket and is looking to fight it...Trust me you wont be disappointing. 

Once again THANK YOU TR!!!.


Hootie / Five Star C. Los Angeles, CA



My Ticket Rescue did exactly what there name is about! they rescued me from major fines and fee, got my license back within 3 days of calling them, got my car released from the impound and got charges dropped and 2 out of the 3 cases thrown out!! they saved my bank account and helped me get my life back on track and back on the road legally!! i love it and i love them!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! i never had a team work so hard for me before! I PROMISE IF YOU USE THEM, YOU WON'T REGRET A THING!!


Kat F. Paso Robles, CA



I highly recommend MyTicketRescue. They have saved me .. TWICE! 

The first time I was already ineligible for traffic school, and, yet, somehow they were still able to get a decision for traffic school! The second time the case was dismissed outright! This was in two different court houses within LA, with two different issuing agencies! The results speak for themselves. They are always courteous and professional, and are willing to work with you to best accommodate your needs.


Jason L West Hills CA



I got a ticket in Palm Desert for speeding. I was going 40 in a 40. However, I didn't notice that school had just gotten out and it was a major street. (I wasn't from the area).  

I called this number I had stored in my phone to make a ticket go away. The young lady that answered was very helpful and said that in my situation, it would be better for me to go to traffic school than to fight it. That meant I wouldn't need their services. But she also went online and got an extension for me. They went out of their way to help me even though they weren't going to make any money from me. I will definitely keep their number handy as they have earned my business next time I should need it. 


Matt C. Corona, CA



I was driving on the 5 South in the wee hours of the morning, when I notice the red and blue lightshow in my rearview mirror! Of course, the CHP says I was speeding....they need an excuse to stop you for checking to see if you have been drinking...  

Anyway, of course they couldn't get me for DUI, so they give me a speeding ticket, which I of course decided to fight. I turned to My Ticket Rescue. Their site is very well organized and user friendly. I paid their fee - even spoke to a representative on the phone - she suggested that I file for an extension - twice! By extending your court date twice, it greatly reduces the officer's memory of the events that led to the's the best possible advice she could have given me! 

My Ticket Rescue, sent me the extensive case they had prepared for me, and I mailed it in after both my Trial by Written Declaration extension time lapses. About 6 weeks later, I got my bail amount reimbursed, with a nice "dismissed" letter!! 

Best of all, no points on my driving record! I highly recommend My Ticket Recue. 


Mark S. Laguna Niguel, CA



Things are looking up again. Thank you! 


Bethany B. Los Angeles, CA



Had a ticket in norcal while traveling back to socal; couldn't and didn't feel like making another trip up north for court and didn't want any points on my record so researched a few law groups that fight traffic tickets and ended up calling My Ticket Rescue. Ray Dorr was very helpful and truly concerned when I spoke with him over the phone and he offered great advice even before I used their services. 

I decided to retain them and gave them a chance to fight my ticket. They attorneys and their assistants contacts me regularly via phone/email to update the status of the ticket/court dates and handles everything including representing me in court!  

This is probably one of the easiest attorney service that fights for traffic tickets I've used. They were able to reduce a 2 point violation to a 1 point PLUS refunding the bail amount. After closure of the case, they even offered a discount for any future legal services. Great service and this is a representation of what a great law group should be like!  

Granted, this service wasn't "cheap" by any means (it costs more than double the amount of the ticket); however for me it was well worth it because another round-trip up north, missed hours of work, plus the insurance raise added up would've been more than the charge for their service. Another important point is they actually charge less than some other traffic ticket attorneys. Would definitely use them again (knock on wood) if need be and will gladly refer anyone who wants to keep a clean driving record. 


William W. Irvine, CA



About a year ago, I was issued a two-point ticket for excessive speeding. There was almost no traffic, it was very early in the morning, and I was only a couple mph over the two-point limit, but it was the end of the month and the officer refused to bump it down to a one-pointer. So, I browsed through a few traffic attorneys on Yelp and found that My Ticket Rescue had the best reviews. I contacted them and a senior case manager, Ray, got back to me the same day with a quote. I sent Ray my paperwork, a check for their services, and a bail check for the court. He said to forget about the whole thing and they'd call me in a few months when they had a verdict (prolonging the trial is part of what makes their process so effective). Sure enough, they called eight months later to inform me that they were able to get the entire ticket dismissed! 

Were they cheap? No. They charged one and a half times the cost of the ticket and the court held onto my bail money until the case was dismissed. Was it worth the price? Absolutely. The court eventually refunded my bail money and any excess I paid over the cost of the ticket was more than recouped in just a few months' reduced insurance premiums. If you have a one-point ticket and you're eligible for traffic school, just bite the bullet and pay the ticket. But if you're in a situation where your insurance rates will be affected, contact My Ticket Rescue. 


Ryder L. Los Angeles, CA



When it comes to tickets no one will do a better job,i personally had 30 FAILURES TO APPEAR no other lawyer or law firm knew how to get my license back Ray got my license back within 2 weeks!!!! This place is your 1 stop for all you license needs! 


Vas P. Los Angeles, CA



Look no further! THESE ARE THE GUYS!  

My Ticket Rescue came highly recommended from a colleague of mine after obtaining a DUI. Not only did they take care of the court hearing, but Ray got my whole case dismissed after issuing a letter to the DA's office. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been referred to My Ticket Rescue. 


Scott S. Chicago, IL



Last weekend I I had a ticket pop into my mailbox that I had never seen, with a deadline that had long since passed. Getting a traffic ticket is the equivalent of finding out you have a cavity. There is just not way to enjoy the process.  

I gave Ticket Rescue a call. Danny was super helpful. Thankfully my situation wasn't too serious. Within minutes he was able to point me in the right direction without even charging me. I highly recommend Ticket Rescue to anyone who needs help figuring out how to solve their ticket woes. 


BP J. Los Angeles, CA



I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how amazing Ani Baez, Senior Case Manager at My Ticket Rescue is... She delivered one of the best customer experiences I have ever had. 

We walked through my ticket, and she advised me to go to traffic school INSTEAD of fighting it... This meant that I would not be utilizing the services to fight this particular ticket, and she put my best interest in front of maximizing profits.  

When I told her I had incredibly high insurance premiums due to another ticket in my past, she referred me to an agent (for which she receives no commission) that they know to help reduce my insurance costs... Then she ran my record and found an old jaywalking ticket that I had completely forgotten about, and was able to advise me on how I could go about handling it in the most cost effective way. 

She never once rushed me, or made me feel pressured in any way. She is typing up an email with everything we discussed and links to all the places I need to go to resolve my traffic issues. She ALSO found a Groupon / LivingSocial for traffic school that would end up saving me additional money. 

Although I did not need to utilize My Ticket Rescue's services today, I will always remember them if I need it in the future... I would recommend them to my friends and family in a heartbeat. Thanks again Ani, you are the best! 


Sean F. Redondo Beach, CA



Ok. My Ticket Rescue is my saving grace. All I can say is, I was facing a DUI and now I don't have one! I was scared, nervous and clueless before I contacted MTR. I was referred by a good friend who assured me they had an incredible reputation. I spoke to Ray Dorr and expressed my concerns. He was comforting and informative. By the end of our conversation I understood not only how the system works, but my rights as an individual facing a potential DUI. Ray promised me he would take care of everything for me. Let me tell you, this process could not have been easier. I only attended one hearing and was dismissed from all charges. A DUI in California can cost you $12,000 and a lot of time and classes. Beacause of My Ticket Rescue, I didn't have to do any of that. Whew!!! I know that every case is different, but I'm telling you, it wasn't looking the best for me. Do not use a public defender!!!!! They are not on your side! The team at MTR are my angels and I can't thank them enough. I have referred many friends to them and everyone has been super happy. I also had another unrelated ticket that required a court appearance and Ray handled that situation for me as well. No taking a day off to go downtown to court and park and wait in line etc, etc. Call My ticket rescue I swear by them!:) 


Tina A. Los Angeles, CA



I received a red light camera ticket in Canoga Park near busway. I read a lot of comments on how you can just ignore it of it's issued in LA county but I also read that if you do ignore it and then get pulled over for something you will have problems. So I found these guys among a bunch of others. Ani was so so nice! She checked out my video , have me lots of valuable information, said my best option would be Traffic school, sent me links to different traffic schools, discounts and all. She didn't push me to hire them or anything like a bunch of others did. She provided me with the free consultation, helped me make a right decision. Thank you so much Ani! I really really appreciate your help. I know I was in the wrong and will have to pay for it but now I feel better as I know what to do. Thank you again! 


Olia V. Los Angeles, CA



I am happy to hear my case was dismissed just like they said would happen! I had Danny as my case manager and him and everyone else was super helpful and friendly! I am extremely pleased with the results and recommend their services to anyone. 


Lila B. La Mesa, San Diego, CA



I knew about My Ticket Rescue from Yelp and I was lucky to find them. I contacted Mr.Ray, he is really an honest guy. He recommended me to pay the ticket online immideately because it was cheaper and the best for my situation. Even though it wasn't the best for his work because he will not get money in this case. In addition, he answerd all of my concerns in a short time! I definitely recommend it! Thank you very much Mr.Ray 


Khalid A. La Jolla, San Diego, CA



These guys are F@#(*$(# AWESOME! :) Seriously! Not only did I have a failure to appear, I was caught stopping over the line on one of those awful Red Light Cameras and because of My Ticket Rescue and my fantastic representative Ray I have NO POINTS going on my record! I highly recommend them!! Ray was always on top of my case and whenever I had any questions he would message/call me back ASAP, there was never a point in time where I felt left out of the loop. Not only do they get the job done, they truly care about your case and work extremely hard. I have never encountered a law office that was so passionate about making sure you get the best possible outcome. DO NOT HESITATE! CALL THEM NOW! :D Seriously, you wont regret it :) !!! 


Jennifer S. San Francisco, CA



I called this company and they gave me the honest truth, and saved me a lot of time and money without having to use their services! Thank you!!! A+ 


Spencer R. Santa Clarita, CA



I first heard about ticket rescue through my boss that was in the same boat I as was... Warrants, FTAs, Suspended License and multiple past due traffic tickets. I didn't have copies, couldn't remember how many, what county, you name it... all I knew was that I had past due tickets and that I my license was suspended. 

I called to get a free consultation to see if I could even get out of the hole I dug myself. I had no idea where to start. I called and left a message and Ray called me back the next day and gave me an in depth and thorough consultation over the phone. I'm not surprised to see all these 5 star reviews. I can attest to their high level of professionalism, responsiveness, experience and honesty. The attention to detail and the ability to explain the process gave me tremendous confidence in this law firm.  

Jansi Muradyan (my attorney) handled my 9 FTAs... And I started the process with them. In less than a month, I got a call from Bahar, who was my second contact throughout the case, and let me know that I could go to DMV and get my license... What? Is this real? And I had been without a valid DL for about 2 years. NINE... Nine ugly FTAs. 

6 were FULLY DISMISSED and 3 were amended to non moving violations (which don't effect my driving record!) They honestly care about you and your legal outcomes.  

Me - 9 State of California - 0 


Anan B. Los Angeles, CA



TICKET RESCUE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!! 

I had a red light camera ticket out of Van Nuys court and they got it DISMISSED!!! Just like everyone else I thought that red light camera tickets are not legit listening to the news but my gut feeling told me to look into it. I ran across Ticket Rescue and found them to be extremely helpful! The process was lengthy but in the end my ticket got dismissed and no point was assessed against my record!  

Call them! You won't be disappointed!! 


B D. Van Nuys, CA



I have a classic car biz an am on the road a lot. Ray has personally saved my from loosing my ability to insure an drive my classic cars. His has also helper several if my friends as well. His buissnes is saving peoples $$$. They got me out of a driving in the "buss lane" as well as a "turning right on a red". 2 for 2 =100% Don't be fooled by the fake reviews this is legit as it gets! 


Jacob H. Los Angeles, CA



Ray and his team are amazing. I had two tickets and they were able to get one dismissed and the other I had to pay the fine without any points. They worked with me and were very efficient and thorough. I highly recommend them!!! 


Jacob H. Los Angeles, CA



Had a nasty ticket on me, Ticket Rescue took care of it, I had the best service experience ever ! Ray Door knows what he is talking about, he lowered the charges and got me off the hook for driving school. 

Without his help i would have had to pay up big time, thank you so much ! I would recommend Ray and his Team anytime, they are knowledgeable and his service is superb ! 

I am not sure about the negative comments but i cannot imagine that they are really true, my experience was a very different! 

Keep going ! Good job ! 


Kostas T. San Gabriel, CA



My ticket rescue specializes in placing bad pigs in cold blankets. They are a professional group of high energy individuals who work to protect reckless drivers like 

I was pulled over for supposedly speeding and My Ticket Rescue is currently working on placing the blame on the Officer who interfered with my desire to go fast. Seriously, what a hypocrisy.....cops have a license to drive recklessly and disturb normal people like myself for driving a little above the limit? These jerks can blow through red lights in response to giving a pretty high priced hooker a ticket but yet bother to inconvenience responsible mario andretti's like myself? f that. 

on a serious note, no place is better than my ticket rescue for all your traffic related needs!!! 


Jeffrey S. Las Vegas, NV



I drive for a living and need to have a spotless record. I trust no one else to help me but the team at My Ticket Rescue. Never going to miss a court date again. You need three things in your life ... a good doctor, a good accountant and a good lawyer. Well now you have one of those three things. 

Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. 


Mika N. Los Angeles, CA



Ticket rescue has been my savior in many occasions... Love the entire team over there.. I recommend ticket rescue to everyone I know!! 


Cory M. Glendale, CA



Great work! They fixed my ticket with minimal involvement from me. 


Adrian L. Santa Monica, CA



I got a speeding cricket a couple months ago and the date creeped up on me. I called my ticket rescue and spoke with Danny. He looked up my citation and my driving history and told me I didn't need their services if I wanted to go to traffic school. He then got me an extension on my court date and told me where I needed to go to take care of traffic school. All without charging me. So amazing! 


Daniel L. Los Angeles, CA



Got a stupid ticket that I never thought anyone would win. But to my surprise the team at My Ticket Rescue did win!!! And they saved me from getting another point on my driving record so my insurance premium will not be going up! The service I received was top-notched and everyone seem to be so helpful with all my questions. Thank you "My Ticket Rescue". I will continue to tell everyone about your services. And yes, if I do get another ticket (ugh) I will be back. 


Diane Z. Ventura, CA



Thank you, Ray and team, for taking care of a bogus, speed trap, "Sunset Blvd." speeding citation, that would have appeared on my otherwise clean record. 

Speaking to Ray, he explained how everything worked and answered all my questions. I paid the fee, sent the info. and left the rest to them. 5-6 months later, I received a letter from the court that my ticket had been dismissed. Wow!!! This firm certainly lives up to it's reputation!  

"Written Declarations" are a waste of time. The majority fail, due to the fact that the cities and state need the revenue. You'll pay a little more here, but you're getting the full fledged service of an attorney and office staff, with a stellar record, working on YOUR behalf. Something to think about when you realize how much the odds are really stacked against you. Thanks again, MTR crew! 


Jeffrey S. Las Vegas, NV



These guys are fantastic and the REAL THING. There are so many bogus companies on line....but their all scams! My ticket Rescue is real!!!! 


Gayle S. Los Angeles, CA



I just received word today that My Ticket Rescue succeeded in getting my ticket dismissed! I had received a ticket last year for crossing the double white lines into the carpool/express lanes on the 110 northbound. The fine was a whopping $490! I was not eligible for traffic school and my insurance company told me that the ticket would hike my premium by an additional $750 annually for at least two years. So I was looking at $2,000 in added costs for a simple act of crossing into an empty carpool lane with no cars anywhere near mine. Infuriating, but traffic fines are big business for California government today. Checking Yelp, I read about My Ticket Rescue so called and talked to Ray in November. He was awesome, reassuring and very straightforward about their approach. He told me to relax and they would take care of everything. The legal fee was less than half of what I would have to pay if I accepted liability for the ticket so it made economic sense to take the chance, given the firm's high rate of success. The gamble was worth it! No ticket, a full refund of my $490 and no hike in my insurance premiums. They delivered everything promised. I highly recommend them! 


Teresa T. South Pasadena, CA



My license had been suspended for a while due to a speeding ticket (the only one I have ever had) and two failure to appears on my record. With the help of MTR ( and by help, I mean they did everything) - I had my license back within a week, fines reduced to one small fine and didn't have to step one foot in court!! They were fast, professional and I wish I would have contacted them sooner instead of just ignoring the situation and taking the bus everywhere. Hopefully I will never have to deal with this again, but if I do, I know exactly where to go to! Thanks for everything guys! 


Karrie S. Los Angeles, CA



I had a very positive experience with my ticket rescue and would definitely use them again and recommend them to a friend. I got ticketed for speeding on the way to work and they worked with the court to bring the ticket down to traffic school only and no points. I was really happy with that. I won't say how much I was going over, but let's just say that it was a rural area and it was 5AM in the morning, so I was moving out pretty fast. The best solution is to leave early and not speed, but if you make the mistake of speeding and get caught doing it, give these guys a call and they'll help you out. It's worth the extra dough. 


Paul O. San Clemente, CA



Helped me a lot with my case! Thank you so much! Would definitely be back if i got traffic problems! 


Reiner Roy O. Elk Grove, CA



Jansi and My Ticket Rescue saved my you-know-what. I have a mobile business and am on the road all day, almost every day, usually running late for appointments due to L.A. traffic so I have gotten my share of speeding tickets, unfortunately. I was threatened with suspension of my license so after seeing the great reviews, I called them. They successfully had my last ticket dismissed after I paid it. I about fainted when I received a $418 refund check from L.A. Superior Court. Jansi and My Ticket Rescue got me a partial refund for a second ticket and now I am no longer in danger of losing my license! :) Since my livelihood depends on me being able to drive, I am forever grateful! 


Pam H. Los Angeles, CA



I wanted to tell you how truly happy I am that you are in business! You have dismissed all of my tickets (4) thus far... 3 of which I posted a picture of and the other one has fallen off the LA Superior Court website already, so I couldn't post that one..Thank you so much for fighting my tickets, I didn't think I'd get a dismissal for a CHP speeding ticket x2 and to my surprise your attorney Jansi, got it dismissed! She is really amazing at what she does! I will forever hire your firm to represent me (Hopefully I wont be getting anymore tickets lol), I have referred you to several friends and family and I will continue to praise you guys because hands down you are the best!!! Ray your honesty and professionalism is much appreciated! Thanks a million!!  


Angie V. Glendale, CA



I was refereed to Ray and My Ticket Rescue by a friend of mine whom was also dealing with a first time DUI. Ray and the whole staff were amazing. They made this whole terrifying experience extremely smooth and easy to go through. Ray is extremely informative and very supportive. I highly highly recommend My Ticket Rescue. 


Morgan H. Los Angeles, CA



I've used My Ticket Rescue twice. I was referred by a friend, and I had a great experience both times. I worked with Ray Dorr and his team. They are experts in regards to traffic laws and the legal process. They simplified the whole process. In addition, they give me realistic options and knew how to set my expectations. I appreciate that they were always available, when I had questions or needed a status update. Considering the costs of tickets and the impact on insurance, their prices are fair. I also like that they have worked with me to set up a payment plan. All and all they are a legit organization, who fought on my behalf. 


Christian H. Irvine, CA



Man... this will be the 4th ticket that my ticket rescue has fought for me in the last year and I'll tell you what, it feels REAL good to have checks show up in my mail from the courts. Thank you. 


Christian D. Glendale, CA



I just got my ticket dismissed thanks to Ray Dorr. This was my first time using an attorney to fight a traffic case, and i must say at first i had my doubts. After researching yelpers reviews, i gave them a call. Ray was very thorough in explaining my situation and the outcome possibilities. He never over promised anything, but boy did he deliver. Throughout all my many yelp years, i've been too lazy to post a review, but finally i have a very good reason to write. thanks Ray! 


Tae K. Los Angeles, CA



I found My Ticket Rescue through Yelp and was very impressed by all the great reviews. I am so pleased I found them and delighted that they got my ticket dismissed. Ray & Wendy are both great and very responsive to my many questions. Highly recommend using My Ticket Rescue if you are on the fence. 


Eileen L. Los Angeles, CA



I don't know how they did. My ticket was dismissed in about 8 months after I got it. I hope I never get another ticket again but if I do I'm definitely calling them. Thank you Ray and thank your staff. Job well done. 


Shant V. North Hollywood, CA



ticket rescue is the best!!!! Ray has literally saved me from so much, definitely a company I recommend. :) 


Taleia M. Beverly Hills, CA



I want to start off by saying, Thank you, to Ray Dorr. I'm a commercial driver, so keeping my driving record clean is a part of my job, but every now and then I slip and that's when knowing an awesome attorney helps. I have used his service 2 times, it would have been 4 if I had met him earlier. Without going into too much detail, he beat 2 of my citations, one was for not wearing a seat belt and the second for speeding. Other reviewers say it's pricey, I say well worth it, at least for me because of my profession. He works with you, by placing you in a monthly payment plan, in case you find yourself in financial hardship. If I ever find myself in need of a good lawyer again, I will definitely be calling Mr. Dorr. Overall, I found his service to be excellent and I recommend him to anyone in need of traffic law help. 


Cesar F. Whittier, CA



These guys are absolutely amazing and on top of their work. I had an issue a few months back and they handled it like pros! Hands down! I'm referring my ticket rescue to anyone that's having any problems with traffic violations, these are the guys you need to see! Thanks Ray 


Aram M. Los Angeles, CA



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You would prefer not to waste your time in court, but don't be the reason your insurance increases, or you lose your drivers license. My Ticket Rescue will review your ticket and determine if hiring an attorney is your best option. Any traffic ticket is worth making an appointment for; What do you have to lose? Our licensed traffic attorney will discuss possible actions to take and how it would influence your DMV record. As you know, we are extremely dependent on our driving advantages and you don't want to risk affecting your driving record over a traffic ticket.

How We Do It

At My Ticket Rescue we know how to proceed to ensure you get your traffic citation dismissed. With our 95% success rate, most of our cases we fight we are able to get your ticket fully dismissed. But in the few situations where we are unable to get your ticket fully dismissed, we then will use our influences with the court to reduce your ticket to a non-moving violation that doesn't carry any points, reduce the fine amount or get traffic school. This will keep your insurance from increasing and keep your driving record clear.


Get Your Ticket Dismissed

Regardless of how unimportant your ticket may appear, it's essential to have an experienced traffic attorney review your case. Whether we can assist your or not in this matter, we will advise you of the best action to take in handling your ticket. Throughout California we handle speeding tickets, DUI, driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, driving with no insurance, failure to appear, misdemeanor violations, red light tickets, hit and run, reckless driving, overweight tickets, drug possession, DMV hearings, log book violations and any other moving violations.


Meet Us

As a professional law firm we specialize in helping California drivers that face legal charges and court hardships due to a traffic violation. Our expert staff is devoted to-do everything to making your case as easy and inconvenience free for you as possible. We make certain that every case goes through the proper process to get the very best outcome for every client. We fight to protect driver licenses for Class A/B drivers and Class C/M drivers from traffic violations. We have experience in defending traffic tickets for both commercial and non-commercial drivers.


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